Who is My Fabulous Flat?

After many years in big French and foreign companies, in various marketing functions, Sophie Berenguer, President of MFF, made her professional dream happen by entering real estate – while at the same time sticking to her true nature: helping people and giving them the best service.


After working for a flat-hunting company, she set up her own business to develop the level of service she thinks customers deserve.


She works with financial experts, architects and notaries. Smart people who are top professionals in their fields, effective people who are a pleasure to work with, for you and for us.

How long does it take to find a flat?

It depends on your search criteria, the offer and demand of the market, but generally between 1 week and 3 months.


How much does it cost ?

  • For purchase, only 3% of the purchase price with a minimum of 5900€ VAT included. In most cases you’ll find you saved as much (or more) thanks to the purchase price negotiation, financing advice, renovations and the choice of high quality professionals
  • For renting, 2 months’ rent with a minimum of 4500€ VAT included


You only pay us at the end, when you sign the final purchase deed or the rental agreements.  Nothing before that, no matter how long it takes or how many flats we visit.


How does a search work?

  1. We work with a search assignment for 3 months renewable up to one year
  2. We suggest flats and provide a short description
  3. For the ones you are interested in, we pre-visit them as soon as possible
  4. We send you a detailed report with video, additional photos and an overall cost estimate for purchase and renovation (freshening up the paint, complete renovation of the bathroom, etc.)
  5. If you like it, we visit it together
  6. And if it is the one, we help you write a purchase offer and we lead the negotiation
  7. We help you understand all the documents related to the purchase deed or rental agreements.

 At each step, we work with experts to help you find a solution and make a fabulous purchase or rental.


What is a search assignment or “mandat”?

All real estate agents and flat hunters are subject to the law N° 70-9 of the 2nd of January 1970, the so-called Hoguet law.

The search assignment (which in French is called a mandate or “mandat”) is for 3 months, renewable up to one year.

You can break it whenever you want without having to give any justification.


What are the legal duties of a flat hunter ?

Under the Hoguet law, they must:

  • have a professional real estate transaction card
  • work pursuant to a formal search assignment (“mandat”)
  • give a cooling off period of 14 days when doorstep selling (Hamon Law)
  • communicate clearly on their fees
  • do not take any fees before signature of the documentation (whether purchase deed or rental agreements)

and if you have further questions, please feel free by contacting us: info@myfabulousflat.com



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